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Throughout the years we have had many a fluffy students come through our doors and our goal is to train them to be the best pups they can be. Their loving owners choose to bring them to us. We appreciate every single client that comes to see us. These are just a few of the messages we have received about our quality education system for your furry friends. 

Jack and his mummy Cindy

Hi! My name is Jack... I'm and 11 month old Malamute/Husky mix.  I've been going to Michelle's classes for a while now and I've learned a lot of useful tricks!  She is all kinds of patient and she has helped my Mummy through all kinds of troubles and stress that I caused... (What? It's my job!) 

She knows how to help with bad manners, biting, chewing, barking, going for walks with or without a leash and sooooo many other pooch related issues. 

Michelle is such a nice lady and she is always there to help when we need her... no matter how busy she is... all we have to do is call or email and she answers really quick.  

I promise you won't be disappointed! 


Kelly-Ann, Alain, Samuel and little Cody

Being new puppy owners, in fact new to the entire dog world, we contacted Michelle St. Germain, at the recommendation of our veterinarian to register our new Yorkie into the Puppy Kindergarten classes.  The puppy classes and the homework were well balanced, subject matter altered at a good pace, and the program was properly suited to the level all of the puppies in the class.  Michelle is extremely qualified; she is clearly passionate about dogs and her work; she is attentive to the individual needs of each puppy and owner; and, is very patient while never judging, adding pressure or expectations.

Daniel, Veronique & Dakota

When we first bought our Boxer I was unsure of if I wanted to take classes with her. I had been to classes before to watch other family and they're dog. It did not interest me to go to a stuffy class and be put on the spot to make my dog follow a command. When we heard of Michelle's class being close to home we decided to sign up for it. Michelle's energy, personality and attitude were amazing, she is very passionate in what she does and it shows. Her exercises are effective and easy, her knowledge and tips are very helpful and she will even answer and give advice on any medical questions she can help you with. We also enjoyed the play times she would allow our dogs to have at the end of every class. We experienced a great puppy kindergarten class and we will be returning for the next level of training.

Kimberly & Molly

Molly was a high energy, confident, in-your-face Goldendoodle puppy that needed manners urgently! As a first time dog owner, Michelle was great in teaching me the tools I needed to work with Molly to minimize her jumping, nipping and generally decrease her bad/mischievous behaviors. Michelle’s classes are a great way for humans to learn to work with their dogs.  She was not judgmental at all about my lack of knowledge and I immediately felt at ease with her.  Through my various classes with Michelle, Molly has become a much better behaved and well-socialized dog. I have learned so much about what my dog really needs to be happy and to stay out of trouble.  She is also very choosy with the combinations of dogs she puts together in a class to ensure a fun and safe environment for all. The best part about taking Michelle’s class: Molly is EXHAUSTED after all her hard brain work and a play session with her pals!! (And a tired dog is a GOOD dog!!).  Keep up the great work, Michelle and I look forward to continuing Molly’s classes!

Laurie, Chevy & Scout

Michelle's dog training classes are excellent.  She took the time to help solve the little problems and the big ones.  I took my Golden and my Bernese to the classes.  It is a fun class and it is never boring.  Once you complete your training Michelle is an e-mail away to help if you run into a problem in the future.

Julie & Sonic

This is a must for any dog owner.  Owning a dog is so much more than just walking him or playing with him.  I started with the puppy training because I had no idea what I was doing and I did not want to get into any bad habits right off the bat. At first you think you are doing the classes for your dog but you quickly realize that it is the owner who needs the training and is the one who benefits the most from the classes. If I meet people who are new with a dog I always recommend Michelle’s puppy training class  because I know it has definitely made my experience as a dog owner a lot easier.

Carolyn, Chill & Guiness (Jack & Salty)

I have taken several of my dogs to Michelle's classes over the years....puppy obedience and agility.  The classes are a nice balance of formal learning and fun.  Michelle always takes the time to address any special problems a client may be having, and it is clear she knows dogs!  She also provides an informative booklet complete with homework assignments, helpful tips on dealing with puppy "growing pains",  and basic care of your new family member.  I highly recommend Michelle's classes to anyone wishing to develop a stable, special relationship with his/her dog.  

Maya's Mommy

 I have a Husky ,her name is Maya, she was a year and half when we started the class. My biggest problem with her is well, ….. she didn't  listen to me … and especially when she off the leash … no way would she listen to me … the first class … we are with all kind of dogs small ,  big , and puppies , … oh boy that was a challenge because Maya get over exited when she sees other dogs and she can get aggressive with small dogs too . She was jumping all over the class and she was whining  … when I left the class I was so stressed and tired .  Michelle called me the same week and suggested to me that it would be a better idea to do private classes with Maya and I totally agreed. So for the next 5 weeks we worked privately.  

We learnt to do some tricks like sit ,down  & stay ..well I was disappointed because I didn't care if my dog did tricks I just wanted her listen to me but I realize for her to to listen to me she would  have to pay attention to me.  The class helps her but mostly me  Doing some obedience classes  has changed us .. In only one session  we accomplished a lot of things . She listens to me better now when I call her she come .  Maya is the kind of dog who always wants to learn more and she looks at me as if to say  "what's next?"  hehe 

We are both happy now.  Thank you Michelle!





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