Dog on Pink

     One of the best parts of my job is meeting new people and helping them strengthen the bond between them and their dog.  Whether it be a new puppy or an older dog with an ongoing behavioural issue.  I would love to help you either in a group class or on a private basis.  

So here is your chance to ask your questions about your dog. 


Why is he doing this?  

How long will it take to fix this problem? 

Can the situation be reversed or managed and HOW?


Let me get you started in the road to enjoying your dog again!!!


If you have a new puppy, let me get you started in the right direction!!!!

We are an English speaking company. French speaking clients who are fluent in English can teach your dog with French commands.  



Marvelville at the Community Center located at 3815 Gregoire Rd
Text / 613-203-0039

Call / 613-445-9901


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