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We offer many different options when it comes to your furry companions. 

See which one is right for you. 

All Class Schedules are emailed upon request. 

If you are interested in any of our classes please go to our registration page to fill out our forms for enrollment. 

Puppy Kindergarten

Specially for young puppies who need to learn proper social behaviour and good doggy manners.  Teach your puppy to be gentle with it's jaws and paws.  Bite inhibition, House training, crate training, proper greeting, leash walking, chewing, OFF, sit, down, come & stay. 

An off-leash play session serves not only to socialize your puppy but to practice obedience in a very distracting setting.  Classes are family oriented, fun and relaxed.  Classes boast an OFF LEASH environment for majority of the class.  

    Puppies will learn to ignore distraction and pay attentions to the owners.  Play session is used as a REWARD to encourage puppies to want to work while other dogs are around. Our 6 week session is $200.00 + HST. 

For Puppies 2 to 5 months.

Premium Puppy Package

This package is the ultimate in puppy start up.  The 6 week kindergarten class is complimented with a

 1-1.5hr home consultation.  This will serve to focus entirely on your needs and to work on issues that may be lingering during the lessons.

Our 6 weeks program is $300 + HST 

Adolescent Manners Class

For those who have graduated from puppy kindergarten OR adolescent & young adult dogs with little to no previous training. 

 Class focuses on adding mild distractions, establishing reliable recalls, increasing distance and duration to sit & down stays. OFF, not jumping on people or other dogs, door manners...etc


 All exercises and behaviours learned in Puppy Kindergarten are increased in difficulty.   Getting more commitment from your dog to do the things you want him to do.  Establishing eye contact which is important in building the human/dog bond. 

MUST BE FRIENDLY to enrol. This 6 weeks session is $190.00 + HST. 

For dogs from 5 months to 3 years. 
Adolescent Manners & All Grown Up  Premium Package

Like the premium puppy package, this package comes with more to help you. 


Add a 1-1.5 hr home consultation to compliment a 6 week ADOLESCENT MANNERS group session:-  gives you the opportunity to address the issues specific to your dog. This session cost is $300 + HST. 

Private In-Home Consults

Can be scheduled at your convenience . You get the full attention of the instructor. Sessions can be at your home or at the training hall. It is designed to meet your personal needs, easier to focus for owner and dog and there are fewer distraction than group training classes. Manners sessions, basic obedience for the adult dog, puppy training and various behavioural issues can be worked with. This is also an option for those dogs that are uncomfortable around other dogs. 

Consults are approximately 45-60 minutes long and include management and prevention, advice for short term relief and instructions to get you started on training.  We will utilize Zoom or FACETIME to conduct this consultation.  There will be vast amounts of information shared, training demonstration and a training plan emailed to you. You must have a computer or other device with a camera, microphone and internet to participate.

These Consults can be scheduled for:

  •  Puppy Foundations

  • Adolescent Manners   

  • Aggression

  • Obedience

  • Behaviour Issues

Consults are scheduled on an Hourly Basis in your dog's home environment:  

The Session Includes:

  • Assessment of the problem

  • A training plan with an information package.

  •  A training demonstration

  • A detailed email outlining the session.

  • A follow up email to check on progress

Prices (+ TRAVEL FEE if applicable) per visit.

PUPPY & ALL OTHER MANNERS TRAINING:  $95.00 1st hour then $25 per subsequent hour  (same consult)             





                                              3 X 1 HOUR SESSIONS:  $275.00

                                              4 X 1 HOUR SESSIONS:  $375.00


I will travel to Ottawa (east & west) as well as all surrounding areas. 

Travel outside of Russell/Embrun  add $travel fee

Vars/Limoges +$10

Casselman + $15

Morrisburg/Long Sault  + $30

East Ottawa + $20

West Ottawa + $30

Barhaven + $20

Metcalfe. + $7

Osgoode/Greely/Manotick. +$20

Cornwall/Gatineau +$50


Call or email for appointment times! 

Grades 2 and 3

Grade 2 Intermediate Behaviours: Focus on loose leash walking, recalls from distractions, increasing stay while increasing distraction and duration, distance work, OFF,   components of the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test.   Dogs must have completed ADOLESCENT PUPPY obedience. 

Grace 3 Expanding on Advanced Behaviours: Emergency recalls from various distractions including other dogs, Regular recall exercises to proof him in different situations, walking reliably on leash, with distractions, OFF of various objects, dogs and people, polite greetings, increased eye contact with distractions.  Time to take your show on the road.

6 week sessions $200+ HST

Outdoor Obedience 


Time to take your show on the road.Class is offered during the late spring, summer and early fall.   

TOPICS:  Loose Leash Walking, COME, Walking by Distractions, Recall from Distractions, OFF (for outdoor things) EYE CONTACT with distractions around, STAY and much more.  All sessions take place outside.  A fenced in area will be put up in our Russell location to offer this class.  The class focuses on dogs working efficiently outdoors with distractions.  Often this is when people have little to no control of their dogs.  Come train in a fun, safe enclosed environment..  There is also a full set of agility equipment available for agility classes. All dogs must be dog friendly as there is a lot of off leash work being focused on.  


 6 week sessions $200.00 + HST



Dogs need to be friendly and have a knowledge of basic commands.  Names for 2024 training  sessions are being taken.  If interested in this fun dog sport, email for more details.

Detailed Behavioural 
Assessment Report


Based on YOUR interpretation through a phone call, email or video. A questionnaire will also have to be filled out for a higher degree of accuracy. Each report will be detailed with exercises for a behavioural modification regime. I will also follow up with you via email to check on your dog's progress.  




  $65.00 + HST



Nail trims, anal gland expression, bandage changes, medication administration, ear cleaning.. 

$10 for nail trims IN CLASS (easy trims)! 

(Difficult/Aggressive Dogs: $20+ HST)


$40 for HOUSE CALLS  

(Difficult/Aggressive Dogs: $50+ HST)

Retail Products


Happy Tails believes in quality

products and has used and recommended Gentle Leader

Head Halters for the past 16 years.  It is a wonderful product that for most dogs is well tolerated and works immediately.  The Gentle Leader helps with pulling, lunging and general silliness on the leash.  it is also helpful for dogs who like to sniff and eat things off the ground on walks.  ALL SIZES SELL FOR $35.00 + HST (CHEAPER THAN PETSMART.)

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