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About Michelle

     Michelle St Germain has been training dogs since 2000 and is an active Professional member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers  (CAPPDT).  I have owned dogs my whole life​ and always been fascinated by their behaviour and ability to integrate into a valued family member.  I attend seminars and workshops with some of the best trainers from all over the globe.  I  enjoy the techniques and views in particular of Dr Ian Dunbar & Dr Sophia Yin, and incorporate them into all my classes and private sessions.  


     I am the founder of Happy Tails Canine Training Academy which was est. in 2012 after leaving my career as a Veterinary Technician of 15 years to focus on my family.  I have been running training classes for 17 years through the clinics I have been employed by.  I have also done a 2 year apprenticeship with Carolyn Clark who has taught me everything I know and helped me realize my passion for working with people and their dogs.  


     I enjoy meeting new people and working with them to solve all their problems.   Each case is treated in an individual manner, even in group classes.  I will do my very best to meet each and every concern you have.  I strive to prove to be the best instructor for you and your dog.


     The atmosphere promises to be friendly, non competitive, and guarantees to meet all your training needs.  I offer many management suggestions to see results in a quick manner.  

I also provide a fun hour of training!!!

There is a silver lining in every case, and it is usually not as bad as it may seem.  


     I believe in the positive reinforcement method of training dogs.  I believe results will be seen much faster than when using force to train dogs.  Rewards are used in the training and it is encouraged from day 1 on how to fade the food away from the training.  The direct result when using reward based training is a strong bond with your dog built on mutual trust.  I truly believe that we bring  a dog into our family to enjoy them, I promise to be able to help you with that goal.


SOME ADDED BONUSES that set Happy Tails above the rest:

  • -Unlimited Support during and after Classes via phone or email

  • -Reliability around Distractions

  • -A Program tailored to suit all your training needs.  All concerns will be addressed during a class or on a private basis (after class)​.

  • -All issues can be addressed : pulling on leash, hyperactivity, jumping, counter surfing, barking, aggression, socialization, confidence building, house soiling, puppy raising, coming when called.

  • EASY to understand and the geared to improve all areas of behaviour.  

  • Easy to incorporate into your daily routine with your dog.

  • Gentle, Safe and Family friendly.

  • All breeds welcome.  

  • Friendly, Fun and informative.  

  • Happy Tails WILL go that extra step to make sure you are satisfied. 


Our Mission

Happy Tails is of the belief that our customers needs are of the highest importance.  I am committed to meeting my client's needs and as a result I see many repeat customers and their referrals.  I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and in return offer you the best customer service in the dog training industry.  Our classes focus on the sociability of dogs and our training is based on a reward system and management.  

     Our training school promises to meet your expectations and strengthens the bond between you and your dog.  Our training is based on a mutual trust and respect.  I also guarantee a non-competitive fun environment to train your dog in.  At no time will you be made to feel bad about the behaviour of your dog, e will work together to improve on their behaviour.  

     Happy Tails is a family friendly business!!!



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