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Why Should You Come to Our Puppy Classes 

    I have been teaching people and their dogs for 21 years.  It all started for me as a necessity, turned rapidly into an obsession and hobby and now it is how I make a part time living. It all started with enrolling in a Puppy Class.

What is the importance of puppy kindergarten?  Why should you spend your money at Happy Tails in this very under rated program.  I will sell you on it right now.  You need to start your puppy early (anytime after 8 weeks of age and his first vaccinations).   Six months can be too late in the sense that many issues are already in full force by then, couple that with the puppy turning into a teenager and is by that age already 2/3 his adult size with a mouth full of adult teeth. 

     Twenty plus years ago I obtained an 8 week old Siberian Husky puppy from the OHS.  He had already been in a home for 2 weeks prior to be dropped off a the humane society.  His crime...BITING!!!  Didn't the previous owner realize puppies are renowned for being little sharks?  What could he have done to end up in the shelter already? Within 2 hours of owning him I realized his issue, he bit alright and he bit HARD!  Left a scar on my right hand when I went to take something away from him.  NOW WHAT do I do with this dog?  I didn't want a vicious dog.  Vets recommended Carolark in Kanata.  My experience at the facility is how I got the ambition and knowledge to do what I do today.  I honestly believe that Puppy School saved my puppy's life.  The classes alone did not solve all my issues, a lot of time and dedication was also required to make him the dog he was right up till he passed at 16 years old.

      I obtained the tools I need to be sure he was never put in the situation again to feel the need to defend himself.  It taught him some valuable social skills he so desperately needed to interact with other dogs and people.  I learned how to properly introduce him to new people and new dog friends and I also learned how to read his body signals so I would know when he was uncomfortable in certain situations.  I learned how to properly discipline him without intimidation or pain. Housetraining, bite inhibition and basic manners are all taught  I learned the proper techniques on dealing with ever changing behaviour.  I could now recognize problems earlier and had the tools to prevent, change and manage problem that did or could arise in the future.  

      My dog was no where near perfect, and no living creature can be, but having the tools to feel confident for the lifetime of owning a  beloved dog starts as a young puppy. I guarantee that you will be given all the necessary information needed to raise a safe and happy puppy.  

     Nothing is sugar coated and no one will leave after a 6 week session feeling like they were not given all the tools to progress forward into adolescence. Why is Puppy Kindergarten so important?  It is an affordable, fun investment for the lifetime behaviour of your new family member.  Contact me with any questions, a valuable FREE EBOOK, and to register for a class.

Guarantees Happy Tails & Happy Clients with fun, informative classes which works with you to solve all problems!

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